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important when booking a car
All reservations made via Online must be accepted by our operators, this means that when you submit the application within a few seconds we will contact you to verify the information provided. After verifying your reservation time delay both telephone and web site is 10 to 15 minutes. ** If the cars is a reservation for a day after the current one, specify all in the message.** Comments on comments, for better efficiency and speed is suggested in reference to the street where the passenger withdraw



Why Choose Transportes Neverias
Neveria today is the best transport service for both you and your family, especially for their children, and we have integrated technology to provide the best service and safety as a radio taxi. Implementation of GPS in each of our cars: With this innovative technology our customers can check the status of your car (that way you are taking, location, etc.) ideal for those seeking safety for their children by sending them to school now. New computer reservation system, which is mounted under a high-fidelity server, we have computers connected to the internet to check flight, maps, tourist maps and most importantly, receive instant online reservations.